It’s the magic in their love!

Love – a journey so fascinating that every person witnessing it, will be mesmerized.
Siddharth and Shanti, the duo with contrasting personalities but with magnificent magic in their love story. This magic reflects in their eyes, in invariable conversation with each other despite being in two corners of the room. Their love is evident in the way they are lost in each other – making promises, teasing, smiling and living their moments of love while they make the eternal promise amidst their family. The proud smiles and happy tears of their parents’ say it all, that they are indeed made for each other.


7000 miles away from their homeland, they found love and made a home in each others’ hearts. A whirlwind courtship abroad ensued by a traditional Indian wedding with their near and dear bearing witness in their hometown. This couple seems like the perfect epitome living a fairy tale love story, right from falling in love to persuading their parents for a together beyond forever.

A love so beautiful and a journey so promising gives us great intent to capture each moment right and wondrous. It was an incredible and adorable experience doing so. Their love added the right bling to each click, while their friends, cousins and family members enhanced the charm of every capture making it all worth a million more.

We wish this couple everlasting magic in their life and a ‘happily ever after’ that they definitely deserve.