Because its Love Above All!

Their friends were the icing on the cake and her smile, the cherry on the top. Sweeta and Theo they are, giving us some major couple goals for this year. A friendship turned love story, simple and subtle in mannerisms. Beautiful when stood together and ecstatic when into each other tripping time, place and people around. They fall for each other in a friend’s wedding and stay intact ever since. It all went on so good for rock solid 9 years as it started when she was 18 and he 21.  Their commitment towards each other is a story to inspire altogether. 

In every such happily ending story of love, friends play a major role and here we get to see their crazy bunch of lovelies high in glee. They were the energy of the wedding and gave our love birds some beautiful memories to cherish throughout.
An amazing blend of love, family, happy people, energetic friends, blissful relationships amidst so much of love was their wedding series.

And we getting to capture the best of their bonding is another story of love all over again.
Here’s to their magical moments captured by Relive Visuals.
Congratulations to you two and your entire troop.